Telling stories has always been a great passion of mine. My biggest dream as a young girl was that to become a writer - I was always writing stories, looking for inspiration, listening to people and asking millions of questions (my dad used to find that really annoying). 

I guess this is how I ended up building a career in TV. I have been working in the TV industry for more than 10 years and I had the opportunity to be part of brilliant documentaries such as "24 Hours in A&E" on Channel 4, "Ambulance" on BBC1, "Snackmasters" and "999: What's Your Emergency" on Channel 4 and many others. 

While working on documentaries I learned how to capture real moments and to tell stories through my footage. This is how I became passionate about photography. 

My approach to photography is very similar to my approach to filming documentaries - I capture real emotion and tell people's stories through pictures.  

If all this sounds good to you I would love to be your photographer! 


strahilaphotography@gmail.com       Tel: 0744 2156 228

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